Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quickr 8.5 Folder ACL security

Quickr 8.5 has one of the significant enhancement is Folder ACL security.

Secure folders with ACLs is a new feature that allows security on a folder in eTeamRooms. This means you can now use folders to secure sensitive content instead of Rooms.

Also a new folder icon to display folder is ACL'd or not. Thanks to IBM for introducing this feature.

So in Quickr 8.5 Editors can now create folders! This is a excellent enhancement.

As per IBM folder security enables by default, ensure you have following parameter enabled on qpconfig.xml.

Also make sure you have enabled Folder security using Customize, Basic option. refer print screen for details.

Once Folder Security is enabled, you can see option "Who Can Access This" option while creating folders in Rooms.
You can differentiate between ACLd folder and normal folder using icon.


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