Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First impression with Notes 9 IBM Social Edition.. Blue

IBM Notes 9 Social Edition is pure Blue, IBM had moved from yellow concept to Blue.

I love to see the blue icons for Notes 9 IBM Social Edition.

Notes 9 Client Installation provide you option to Install Notes Browser Plug-in

Launching Notes 9 IBM Social Edition

I am pretty impress with the UI, attractive to end users. Have a looks how it looks like. Here is the Home Scree for Notes client.

The INBOX view

There is a new functionality available to Set Preference setting on Inbox sorting. Automatically sort Inbox date Columns.

I would keep blogging and update more information, stay connected.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Beta available for download

I am really excited to evaluate, IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition. IBM announced the beta release and is available for Download now.

Saw the installation Note from Mitch Cohen, cant resist from download.

Download information available here

Refer IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition Beta forum here

I would continue blogging as i make progress on testing. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unable to launch Domino console

One of my blog follower emailed me about the problem he is encountering with Domino Server, they are not able to view server Domino Server console / java console.

So here is solution for the same.
1) Ensure that Server has the following notes.ini parameter


Note: is the IP address of the Domino server.

2) You can start Domino server using following command

c:\lotus\domin\nserver.exe -jc

The Server Controller runs in its own window. You can minimize a Server Controller window, but do not close or kill the window to stop the Server Controller. Instead, use the Controller Quit command from a console to stop a Server Controller and the server it controls. 

Optional arguments to use when running the Server Controller

nserver -jc Runs the Server Controller, the server, and the Domino Console
nserver -jc -c Runs the Server Controller and the server
nserver -jc -s Runs the Server Controller and the Domino Console
nserver -jc -c -s Runs only the Server Controller 

3) You can add "-jc" at the end of the ImagePath value in regedit by looking for domino service entry:

Edit the key ImagePath. 

"C\Lotus\Domino\nserver.exe" -jc "C:\Lotus\Domino\Data\notes.ini"

The Server Controller listens over SSL port 2050 by default, which is adequate in most situations. However, to specify a different port, change the value of the Port_Number setting in the dcontroller.ini file located in the server's data directory.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Download IBM Connections 4.0

Lotus Connections 4.0 is finally available for Download by IBM. Refer the details below for download instructions.


For Installation refer Wiki

Updated security certificate for Push Notifications (iOS)

Ensure Sametime administrators must download and apply the latest security certificate for iOS traffic. If Push Notifications have stopped working for the native iOS client, this could be due to the SSL certificate for connecting to the APNS server having expired.

For Download and Installation instruction refer here

Thursday, March 29, 2012

End of Support for IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1 is 30 Sept 2012

On 30 September 2012, IBM will be ending customer and technical product support for the following products.

WebSphere Application Server V6.1
WebSphere Application Server Express V6.1
WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.1
WebSphere Application Server for Developers V6.1
WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition V6.1 for Novell SLES
WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition V6.1 for AIX
IBM HTTP Server for WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition V6.1 on Novell SLES
IBM HTTP Server for WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition V6.1 on AIX
IBM WebSphere Application Server for System i Version 6.1.
IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 6.1

Refer technote for more information

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 Fix Pack 1 available for download

Lotus Notes /Domino 8.5.3 Fix Pack 1 is available for download at Fix Central.

For download information refer the technote


• If you have Notes 8.5.3 Basic Configuration or Notes/Admin/Designer (Basic edition) 8.5.3 installed,use the Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 1 Basic install.

• If you have Notes 8.5.3 Standard Configuration or Notes/Admin/Designer (Standard edition) 8.5.3 installed, use the Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 1 Standard install.

The Top 20 High Weight SPR fix list described below, for more refer the fix list details here

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plugin Personal Certificate will expire on April 26, 2012

The personal certificate called "WebSphere Plugin Key" within the plugin-key.kdb that is shipped with the WebSphere Plugin install will expire on April 26, 2012.

Are you the one effected refer the below document to get that fix.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lotus Notes Application Browser Plugin

Yesterday i had a review and demo on Lotus Notes Application Browser Plug-in. Its a Plug-in that runs in your Windows browser similar to Adobe Acrobat browser Plug-in. Where once installed, you can view pdf file from your browser.

With that means using Notes Application Browser Plug-in, Notes based applications can be accessed using your Windows Browser without any modifications.

There is no dependency on Server end, its a client component. The plug-in is a one-time download, once installed, the browser can access Notes applications directly using notes URL notes:///

Basically it evokes basic notes components in the background and the UI is more over similar to notes client but within your browser.

I think this is good for Companies having thousands of Notes Applications and wants to completely go aways with Notes client. Without being redesigning their existing Notes based applications to Xpages.

Moving Notes Applications to Xpages itself would be a years project depends on no. of application used. New applications will definitely be on XPages, but existing applications, especially the old ones can now be webified using Application Browser this Plug-ins.

I am not impressed much, as this is still NRPC communication in the background. Which means the performance will be similar to using your Notes client. So this is not good for applications accessed via Web. As response will be delayed depending on your network bandwidth.

It does not support Java agents, if your application has Java agent this is not for you. It might be available in the final release.

Notes Application Browser Plug-in will be part of Notes 8.5.4 client installation. It might be available as a separate installer for Application Browser Plug-ins. Its still under development mode, some new functionality might be added before final release.  Presently it olny supports IE and Firfox browser, their might support for mobile browser in future.

This is good work from IBM, easy way to have older applications in browser.

I will keep posted more information on this, once i start testing this Plug-in.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Browser Bookmarks Sync App

There is an interesting tool, which sync your IE bookmarks to mutiple Browsers or Mobile devices.  "Xmarks Bookmarks Sync".

It really makes your life easier by allowing you to sync your bookmarks across multiple platform. Install Xmarks for windows and Sync with your Xmarks Account.

Install Xmarks Bookmarks Sync for Windows, which allow you to sync bookmarks across multiple browser.

The download information is available here

Also "Xmarks for Android" Premuim service is available which allow you to Sync IE or Computer bookmarks to your Android device. Its a paid services, you can use two weeks free trail.

For more information on refer Xmarks Bookmarks