Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quickr 8.5 and newly added feature

With Quickr 8.5, a major, there are many new features available. Additional enhancements to Lotus Quickr Team Rooms, which many Quickr users are waiting for.
  • Icons are back
    • You can now easily identify Folder and Rooms using icons.
  • Trash
    • Allow deleted content to be restored from Trash.

  • AdminP for name changes
    • Quickr 8.5 use adminP to update name changes and deleted users for eTeamRooms.
    • You need to have an server notes.ini parameter implemented to use adminP for updating name change.
      • extmgr_addins=nqpcmextmgr
    • Also for deleted user aminP updates the eTeamRoom membership.

  • Folders with ACLs is a new feature that allows security on a folder. No need to always use Rooms and/or document level security to secure sensitive content.

  • "Place Action" and "Customize" added as button for quick actions and customization.

  • Posting and comments on the same web page.

  • Most important Linux server (SLES) support
I have covered few of them which i liked more information is available here.

I will post more on folder security in my next blog, keep reading and have your feedback.


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