Monday, August 24, 2009

My daughter Kanika..

My daughter Kanika, enjoying her days at home, very soon she will be going to play group.

Consolidating Rooms and Resources

Many of us might be looking for the option on how to consolidate meeting rooms and resource configured on multiple servers to a single server.
Migrating R&R is no more manual, i have come across a good tool, which help me to do that in few second.
I have used that tool and found to be really useful important stuff which save time and manual efforts. :)

Notes 8.5.1 You can use "type to find" in the Open list (Docked or not) to find workspace menu

The GOOD news is that you can use the "Type to find" at the top of the Open list to find a "chicklet" on your workspaceFor example, I can type "Workspace" in the "Type to find" and it find the "Workspace Docs" for me.

Notes 8.5.1 will use the phrase "Replication and sync" in various places

In Notes 8.5.1 the term Replication has change to "Replication and Sync"