Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quickr 8.5 Folder ACL security

Quickr 8.5 has one of the significant enhancement is Folder ACL security.

Secure folders with ACLs is a new feature that allows security on a folder in eTeamRooms. This means you can now use folders to secure sensitive content instead of Rooms.

Also a new folder icon to display folder is ACL'd or not. Thanks to IBM for introducing this feature.

So in Quickr 8.5 Editors can now create folders! This is a excellent enhancement.

As per IBM folder security enables by default, ensure you have following parameter enabled on qpconfig.xml.

Also make sure you have enabled Folder security using Customize, Basic option. refer print screen for details.

Once Folder Security is enabled, you can see option "Who Can Access This" option while creating folders in Rooms.
You can differentiate between ACLd folder and normal folder using icon.

Quickr 8.5 and newly added feature

With Quickr 8.5, a major, there are many new features available. Additional enhancements to Lotus Quickr Team Rooms, which many Quickr users are waiting for.
  • Icons are back
    • You can now easily identify Folder and Rooms using icons.
  • Trash
    • Allow deleted content to be restored from Trash.

  • AdminP for name changes
    • Quickr 8.5 use adminP to update name changes and deleted users for eTeamRooms.
    • You need to have an server notes.ini parameter implemented to use adminP for updating name change.
      • extmgr_addins=nqpcmextmgr
    • Also for deleted user aminP updates the eTeamRoom membership.

  • Folders with ACLs is a new feature that allows security on a folder. No need to always use Rooms and/or document level security to secure sensitive content.

  • "Place Action" and "Customize" added as button for quick actions and customization.

  • Posting and comments on the same web page.

  • Most important Linux server (SLES) support
I have covered few of them which i liked more information is available here.

I will post more on folder security in my next blog, keep reading and have your feedback.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exciting GOA tour with Family

 Last few weeks were really exiting in my life, my entire schedule was dedicated to my family, specially my sweet daughter Kanika.
I have been to GOA, one of the best place to visit with beautiful beaches and food. If you are sea food lover you must visit GOA once. GOA once ruled by Portuguese, you can also visit old beautiful Churches.

Kanika`s first boarding pass of her life.

It was 3 night 4 day trip, but really enjoyed, most important i had plenty of time to spend with my wife and daughter.
It takes 10 hrs by train from Mumbai to GOA and one hr flight journey. If you plan to visit use GOA Tourism (GTDC) site for online reservation, its really worth staying at GTDC hotels. Specially at GTDC Calangute Residency which is facing Calangute Beach.

Nights life is GOA is as awesome as day time, with beautiful candle light dinner near sea shore. For music lovers visit Pubs near Calangute like "TITOA Pub" really awesome.