Thursday, July 15, 2010

Securing Directory link and Directory ACL

For those who are using or planning for Directory link or Directory ACL ensure that you server has this parameter implemented Enable_ACL_Files=1.

While implementing Directory ACL, .ACL files get created on Server. ACL files are an option for protecting server directories, and contain the names of users authorized to access those directories.
"Enable_ACL_Files" specifies whether to enable ACL file checking on a server.

Similarly for .dir files which contain names of users authorized to access those directories. If "Enable_ACL_Files" is not implemented, users cannot view the Directory link. But if they manually type the database path for which they are listed in ACL of database, are able to access the database.

To implement Directory Security, add Enable_ACL_Files=1 on servers notes.ini.

Valid values are:
0: Disable ACL file checking
1: Enable ACL file checking


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