Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sametime 8.5 client to the Notes 8.5.1 client

I have been using Sametime client 8.5 on Notes 8.5.1 client for a while, ST 8.5 client has various cool enhancements.

You can now give text background and text foreground colors.

Click to Scroll option, for new incoming message. If you are viewing old chat conversation in the same chat window.

For those who want to use Sametime 8.5 client on Notes 8.5.1 client, this is quite simple task.
1. Obtain the Sametime 8.5 client installation package (CZA6MML)
2. Extract the archive, and go to \CZA6MML\SametimeStandardClient\sametimeclient.for.notes\
3. Extract the .zip and execute setup.exe to install Sametime 8.5 client for Notes 8.5.1 client.

Refer the technote for details.


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