Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unable to launch Domino console

One of my blog follower emailed me about the problem he is encountering with Domino Server, they are not able to view server Domino Server console / java console.

So here is solution for the same.
1) Ensure that Server has the following notes.ini parameter


Note: is the IP address of the Domino server.

2) You can start Domino server using following command

c:\lotus\domin\nserver.exe -jc

The Server Controller runs in its own window. You can minimize a Server Controller window, but do not close or kill the window to stop the Server Controller. Instead, use the Controller Quit command from a console to stop a Server Controller and the server it controls. 

Optional arguments to use when running the Server Controller

nserver -jc Runs the Server Controller, the server, and the Domino Console
nserver -jc -c Runs the Server Controller and the server
nserver -jc -s Runs the Server Controller and the Domino Console
nserver -jc -c -s Runs only the Server Controller 

3) You can add "-jc" at the end of the ImagePath value in regedit by looking for domino service entry:

Edit the key ImagePath. 

"C\Lotus\Domino\nserver.exe" -jc "C:\Lotus\Domino\Data\notes.ini"

The Server Controller listens over SSL port 2050 by default, which is adequate in most situations. However, to specify a different port, change the value of the Port_Number setting in the dcontroller.ini file located in the server's data directory.


Stephen Bailey said...

There's another gotcha..

Make sure that the server's fqdn and (particularly) the Domino server names are both specified in the server's hosts file, otherwise the Controller will appear to start, but you won't be able to log in and view it.

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