Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Last week, i shifted to my new home, which was under interior designing mode. I am really happy to see my dream home which i was imagined 4 years back

My daughters room is nicely designed with "Little Mermaind them", she is really liked her rooms full decorated with Mermaind pictures.

My Living Rooms design with decorative lights.

Kitchen Photos


Suzie Thomas said...

The most expensive type of kitchen countertops is granite and it’s indestructible. It cannot be scratched easily and it’s not affected by heat. Granite is available in many stunning, natural colors. Laminate countertops are classy and affordable.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you are busy - so Here is my view of the New IBM Business Made Social Message at LotusPehre:

The IBM Business made Social Message is spot on - and the adoption rate through the Domino 8.5.3 entitlement should be RAPID (if not something is wrong in the messaging). The TD Bank Group reference is excellent for why Connections is needed by Companies now - It's pain driven - and the IBM solution works credibly on top of Sharepoint as well. For a clear message on what Connections is (and entitlements) this home page is excellent:
Connections should drive customers to finally using and fully exploiting Domino as a Collaborative platform - and should put Microsoft and Google on the back foot.

My company Sun & Son will be extending the work we have been doing with the IBM CIO office on the Notes Meta Data Modeler and Relational Data Bridge so that Social and Collaborative Xpage/Domino processes can be added to structured relational apps simply and easily - with absolute transparency at the Data Management level - so there are no barriers to what should be a New dawn for Notes developers - as part of this work we will integrate a New Notes JDBC driver that handles multi value fields on the fly.... Notes developers can get a Free developer copy of the Data Modeler by emailing RHS@sunandson.com

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