Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Extracting Lotus Connections Profiles information .... Tags

I have been busy this days working on Lotus Connections 301 implementation. I had some interesting findings thats i would like to share with you all.

I will provide some quick glance on Profiles DB2 table details. I have used this tables value to get the list of users with their tags lists, also used to populate users with predefine tag values.

Profiles DB contain table EMPLOYEE which contain information about users attributes and their values. This information is then published in Pofiles for that user. Few of them are listed below.

You  can use this information to compare and extact require reports. I will be using this information to extract Peoples with tags they added to their profiles.

Extract data from PEOPLE_TAG, which contain information on Tags. PEOPLE_TAG contains below information.

PROF_TAG_ID          - (This is simply a UUID randomly generated)
PROF_SOURCE_KEY  - (This is the user that the tag is assigned to)
PROF_TARGET_KEY   - (This is the user that the tag is assigned to)
PROF_TAG                - (which is the actual tag itself)

I did compare the PROF_TAG value with employee table, to get the list of users and their tags.

You can also extract this information using TDI, i use DB2 source to collect this information.


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