Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to disable Notes client users from manually saving Sametime chats

Recently one of my friend being an IT Manager of a company asked me how do we block users from manually saving Sametime chat transcripts.

Though they have use desktop policy to set 'Do not save transcripts automatically', but a user can still manually save a chat. How can you prevent users from manually saving their chat transcripts?

Here is the solution, there is a notes.ini parameter that can be included in the notes.ini to prevent a user to manually save their chats.


This can manually be placed in the user's notes.ini file or can be pushed via a Desktop settings document within a policy under Notes.ini tab.


Ravi said...

You can also use "Tools>Prevent Transcript Save" for a particular Chat session.

Anonymous said...

how to disable someone or the IT department from seeing my chat messages. my boss is seeing all my sametime CHATs! please help

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