Friday, December 31, 2010

Extended Directory Catalog and misleading field title "Replication history"

Recently while working on Extended Directory Catalog issues, i noticed a interesting thing. If you edit Extended Directory profile and go to advance tab, you will notice a field "Replication history" and clear button next to it.

Here is the confusion, ideally as per the field title this is suppose to clear the Replication history. But, this is not the case. Clear button actually clears the Catalog aggregation history and not replication history.

If you click on Replication history field for help, it will clearly explain about clearing aggregation history.

 Incase of Condensed Directory Catalog this field is correctly labelled as Aggregation history.

Looks like IBM developer forgot to rename field corectly. This title Replication history is misleading and creates confusion specially for new admins. Hope this post helps to rectify the same.


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