Saturday, May 15, 2010

Resetting WebSphere Admin password.

Forgotten your Websphere password ? I have seen for many people especially system administrators fogotten password because they store so many.

In Websphere you can recover encoded password in security.xml using the following method

1. Open the security.xml store under

2. Browse to "UserRegisteries" section and check for line "userRegistries xmi" . Compare "Server ID=" valuse, which is WebSphere Admin id specified during configuration.
ServerPassword="{xor}KD4sPjsyNjE=" which is the encoded password for WAS Admin.

3. The next step is to decode the password. Browse the url to decode.
Copy the encoded WebSphere Password without {xor} to decode. Click Decode to show the password.

The password will be decode and displayed as plain text. You can


Praveen Kanakam said...

This is very useful for administrators like me who forgets passwords regularly. However every administrator(even System administrator)can visit these section and decode the password. So is there a way to restrict this?

Vadivelu Manickam said...

Good one

Allen said...

This does not work in WAS 8.5

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