Friday, July 17, 2009

Problem while enabling DAOS on AIX

When attempting to set up DAOS on AIX server we ran in to the following error in the log The database /lotus/domino/data/mail/xxxxxxxxx.TMP was unable to write to file /DAOS/0001/F0CEB8D561FA1F89852575F20069C85F47F0CEB8D561FA1P.nlo: File cannot be created.
Follow the below steps to resolve the same.
1. Disable DAOS for all mail files (l compact mail\xxxx.nsf -c -daos off)
2. Shut down Domino
3. Remove all DAOS directories
4. Remofe daoscat.nsf and daos.cfg from the Notes Data directory 5. Restart Domino 6. Enable DAOS for a mail file to test (l compact mail\xxxx.nsf -c -daos on)


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