Thursday, September 9, 2010

IBM Lotus Sametime Connect 8.5.1 Cumulative Fix pack 1

IBM announces the release of Sametime Connect 8.5.1 Cumulative Fix pack 1 (CF1).

You download from Fix Central

Fix List

The list below identifies the fixes contained in this Sametime Connect 8.5.1 CF1 package:
LQIU87LETC: Incoming messages lost when running Sametime 8.5.1 on Mac OS X 10.5, this has been fixed.
BGAI87BK88: Default H.264 Packetization Mode changed to STAP-A (packetization-mode=1)
DKEN87HRW9: Add "Dial Out..." menu choice to moderator controls in an A/V meeting for calling a telephone, SIP, or h3232 device. This option is only applicable to a Sametime Media Manager server having a third-party A/V service provider installed.
KKNT85BSK2: UnsupportedCapability exception thrown by is resolved
LXUU87S57H & LXUU87S93W: A webcontainer security vulnerability has been fixed.

Account Management Feature:

Newly added to 8.5.1 to support LotusLive Notes 2.

Support for managed accounts was added in Notes 8.5.2 release. Changes were made in Notes 8.5.2 embedded ST client to allow responding to changes in the accounts framework, The managed accounts are needed to simplify linking account, which is needed for SAML authentication a key part of Lotus Live Notes 2 (LLN2) The ST embedded code handles changes to the account store that happens when ST is active or not, and Adds/Changes/Deletions of a managed Account need to be reflected in the community's that ST is using.

Managed accounts solves the problem that Notes Admin can not configure the ST configuration for the users via the Domino admin tools, without pushing changes in via the property change or pre-configuring the client before installing it. Prior to managed accounts, admins can not configure all the properties of the primary community, and they can not configure a secondary community at all. Using the managed accounts the Admin will be able to using the Notes Admin UI to configure all the community properties for the end user.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Notes Client upgrade and ODS upgrade

Everytime i upgrade my Notes Client, i used to manually upgrade the ODS version of local database. Untill i came across an interesting ini parameter, which forces ODS upgrade of local databases on Clients.

Notes 8.5.2 Client provide the ability to have user's local On Disk Structure (ODS) upgraded.

Notes start upgrading the ODS version of important databases first, after Client restarts.

For other databases, the ODS upgrade will take place in a background process and while a database is upgraded, the end user will not be able to use the database.

Basically it does run compact against all databases with "-C -ODS -Quiet -Client -UpdateIndexes".