Monday, February 14, 2011

Drag-N-Drop Files support for Quickr 8.5

I have been using Quickr 8.5 since quite some times. I am really impressed with Quickr 8.5 performance enhancement, i did blogged on the same. Quickr 8.5 does not support drag and drop functionality, as IBM removed java dependency.

I have seen lots of post on drag and drop support with Quickr 8.5. Though i understand that it was a good feature but, that required ActiveX component. For large environment iinstallation of ActiveX component was additonal overhead.

I personally do not prefer ActiveX rollout or having ActiveX support for Quickr. Specially on locked user access environment.

For those who still wants to use Drag and Drop functionality with Quickr 8.5, Good news !!! You can now customized Quickr 8.5 to have drag and drop functionality, needs to have ActiveX installed.

Refer Quickr Wiki for detailed step by step customization guide.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lotus Connections Files and Status Updates Plugins for Lotus Notes

For those who have Lotus Connections implemented in their Organization, there is a reason to smile. Status Update and Files plugins are now available as Notes side bar.

I am using that's since last few weeks. For plugin details visit IBM Business Solutions Catalog for additional plugins and widgets.

There`s a nice presentation from Mitch Cohen available here.